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A description of the Divisional Meet Positions.

If you are hosting Divisionals, you were probably given a packet of papers. If not, or those papers were lost or damaged, you can download all of the paperwork and forms you will need to successfully host a Divisional Meet below:

Download the Divisional Volunteer spreadsheet, fill in the name of each pool, and send it to each Team in your Division to fill in where they can provide Adult volunteers. Have them send it back to you ASAP so you can make the Master schedule. Then, send this Master back out to your division pools so they can notify their volunteers.

Download the Divisional Meet Event Scoring form, a 5 page form to track the Divisional Scoring through the Meet.
The Divisional Meet Results Form captures the summary of the Divisional Meet Results.
The Allstar Qualifier Form captures the names of the divers who qualify for Allstars.
The Allstar Volunteer spreadsheet must be filled in during Divisionals. Parents must volunteer for Allstar Meet!
Extra Divisional Diver Sheet in case you need extras. (Make 2 copies since this won’t be carbonless)
Paste the Guidelines for Announcers of Divisional Meets to the table in front of the Announcer position.

Theses are sample Programs produced by a past Divisional Host pool:

All-Star Meet Forms

Miscellaneous MCDL Forms