Minutes Rep Meeting Oct 27, 2017

Opened by Elizabeth O'Kelly with introductions, a quorum represented

Election of Officers:

Ways and Means: Brian Quinn
President: Elizabeth O'Kelly
Treasurer: Leila True
Safety: Helen Barold

EO Propose voting on options #2 and #4. Tonight, vote as it stands and see if one or two teams drop out. Then we can discuss the non-divisional and BYE week.

2 teams up and down: Disruptive to peer groups. Also, Div 5, 2 up would get slaughtered.

Division one would prefer 2 down to mix up.

Proposal #2 :13 One up one down.
Proposal #4: 3

NonDivisional meet built in: 17 Some will have tri meet
Bye Week: 2

1,2,3 Divisions vote
Tri Meet--13
Bye meet.--3

Paid judging thing at all stars are too different and strict. Judges were not using the scaling was not what our new scale. Summer judges were judging too high? SB: Scaling were both FINA
Setting expectations for divers who go to all stars is important.

Next year look to see if there is different scoring between divisions.

Have a Doug lengthen the practical and lessen the rule portionof judges clinic. Laurie will approach Doug about a video of sample dives.

Refs need update on failing flips. Feet need to go in first.
Reps talk to judges about failing attempt vs. failed.

Should there be 2 refs at Divisionals. Different pools.