Current MCDL Certified Officials

Pool Name Judge Clinic Date Judge Clinic Location Referee Clinic Date Referee Clinic Location
WL Lori Kelman 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
WL Laurel Panzetti 6/17/2019 Westleigh
NCC Zain Halbro 6/18/2018 Mohican
TA Calvin Parker 6/12/2019 Merrimack Park
CS Rhonda McLaughlin 6/10/2018 Country Glen
MCT Pete Ryba 6/13/2018 Westleigh
MW Trish Udovich 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MCT Pete Ryba 6/9/2019 Country Glen
TA Brittany Hawkins 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
FV Ron Friddle 6/17/2019 Westleigh
MO Sean Moore 6/18/2018 Mohican
MP Azzu Saberi 6/13/2018 Westleigh
BB Erin McCahill 6/20/2017 Glenwood
MP Debra Budiani-Saberei 6/12/2019 Merrimack Park
TA Toni Deedy 6/10/2018 Country Glen
MO Joanne Hogan 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
OGC Nichole South 6/9/2019 Country Glen
RC Ernesto Solana 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RE Rachel Nambiar 6/13/2019 Rock Creek
MP Liz Wilcox 6/12/2019 Merrimack Park
LF Amy Cropp 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RE Georhe Contos 6/9/2019 Country Glen
WL Erik Kleinbussink 6/13/2018 Westleigh
SL Jody Rabhan 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
TF Michael Badrian 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
WL Maria Kano-Stockton 6/17/2019 Westleigh
NCC Rachel Vile 6/18/2018 Mohican
OGC Lisa Korte 6/21/2017 Old Farm
TA Kathy Parker 6/12/2019 Merrimack Park
GW Rebecca Lombardo 6/13/2018 Westleigh
MW Rick Robinson 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
OGC Fred Luchsinger 6/9/2019 Country Glen
TA Barry Calogero 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CG Robert Howard 6/17/2019 Westleigh
MO Steve Redisch 6/18/2018 Mohican
TF Lystranne Maynard 6/20/2017 Glenwood
WL Eleanor Kelman 6/13/2018 Westleigh
MP Ari Gerstls 6/12/2019 Merrimack Park
MO Sean Moore 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RH Sue Beals-Simon 6/9/2019 Country Glen
LF Tracey Wingate 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
OF Brian Ruther 6/13/2019 Rock Creek
CS Mark Burns 6/18/2018 Mohican
MP Shahar Yarden 6/12/2019 Merrimack Park
SL Meredydd Evans 6/9/2019 Country Glen
WL Jill Prather 6/13/2018 Westleigh
SL Jessica Norris 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
TF Sue Badrian 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
TA Curtis Chappell 6/17/2019 Westleigh
NCC Rachel Lostumbo 6/18/2018 Mohican
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