Current MCDL Certified Officials

Pool Name Judge Clinic Date Judge Clinic Location Referee Clinic Date Referee Clinic Location
OF Dotan Weinmann 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MW Janet Cyr 6/10/2018 Country Glen
CS Paula Teixeira-Obaidy 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RH Bill Buttaggi 6/13/2018 Westleigh
RF Amy Palumbo 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MO Silvane B. Schwengber 6/18/2018 Mohican
RC Tim Wolf 6/20/2017 Glenwood
CG Robin Lazans-Berlin 6/10/2018 Country Glen
CS Michael Linstrom 6/13/2018 Westleigh
TA Sarah Porter 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
GW Michael Vagnucci 6/20/2017 Glenwood
OF Thomas Biggs 6/18/2018 Mohican
RE Kradak Thomas 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MO Diane Zeleny 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
FV Maria Salvado 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
PW Lynn Huang 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RF Steven Abramson 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
MCT Jorge Posada 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MP Margie Hackett 6/10/2018 Country Glen
CS Michael Caruso 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RH Rosana Gilmore 6/13/2018 Westleigh
OF Larry Byrd 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RF Stephanie Donohue 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RC Amy Risto-Warren 6/20/2017 Glenwood
MW Violetta Fedorowicz 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
GW Ben Rosenfield 6/20/2017 Glenwood
NCC Theresa Magnino 6/18/2018 Mohican
RE Juli Jamison 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MO Reuel Gerecht 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
FV Janet Buyer 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
PW Robin Gould 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RF David Morales 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
TA Robert Ostrinsky 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
EG Teri Stanish 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MCT Mark Simonson 6/10/2018 Country Glen
CS David Beers 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
PO Siobhan Davenport 6/13/2018 Westleigh
OGC Kyle Potter 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MW Ariana Welch 6/20/2017 Glenwood
WL Kris Sellman 6/10/2018 Country Glen
RC Jason Wilcox 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
SL Thomas Hines 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
FV Courtney Drevo 6/20/2017 Glenwood
NCC Gadi Ben-Yehuda 6/18/2018 Mohican
RC Ailis Wolf 6/21/2017 Old Farm
RC Judy Smith 6/10/2018 Country Glen
LF Greg Wang 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
FV Courtney Drevo 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
PO Allen Langer 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MP Jeannine Mosca 6/18/2018 Mohican
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