Current MCDL Certified Officials

Pool Name Judge Clinic Date Judge Clinic Location Referee Clinic Date Referee Clinic Location
MO Michael Tarlov 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RC Katie McGervey 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
RC Joe McGervey 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
PO Marybeth Bolado 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
PO Carlos Bolado 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
OF David Markert 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
MP Kerrie Bouker 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
MP David Edelstein 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
MW Jeffrey Cohen 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
MW Dennis Reynolds 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
MW Chuck Kines 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
LF Joe Matal 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
GW Zac Morford 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
GW Ramona Schreiber 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
GW Paige Emerson 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
GW Nicole Grant 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
BB Janine Gilbert 6/16/2016 Rock Creek
WL Dee Weiss 6/14/2016 Old Georgetown
ASH Elizabeth von Schlag 7/11/2016 Ashton
ASH Robert von Schlag 7/11/2016 Ashton
ASH Stephen J. Mauris 7/11/2016 Ashton
MO Diane Zeleny 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MO Reuel Gerecht 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
LF Greg Wang 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
LF Nicole Schwenker 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
LF Tara Gorman 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
LF Amy Cropp 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CS Mark Zimsky 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CS Laura Rose 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CS Eric O'Donoghue 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CS Paula Teixeira-Obaidy 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CS Michael Caruso 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CS David Beers 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CA Rachel Kelly 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
ASH Megan Strosnider 7/11/2016 Ashton
ASH Kimberly Griffith 7/11/2016 Ashton
ASH Steven P. Strazza 7/11/2016 Ashton
ASH Mary Jo O'Keefe 7/11/2016 Ashton
PO Denise Foster 6/14/2016 Old Georgetown
PA Sue Hendrickson 6/14/2016 Old Georgetown
TF Chris Caponiti 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CG Greg Berlin 6/14/2016 Old Georgetown
CS Tero Moberg 6/14/2016 Old Georgetown
BB Ken Ortman 6/14/2016 Old Georgetown
WL Robert Weiss 6/22/2016 East Gate
TA Kathy Parker 6/22/2016 East Gate
TA Carolyn Simpkins 6/22/2016 East Gate
SL Ana Triaureau 6/22/2016 East Gate
RC Iain Gold 6/22/2016 East Gate
RE Ruehel Nambiar 6/22/2016 East Gate
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