Current MCDL Certified Officials

Pool Name Judge Clinic Date Judge Clinic Location Referee Clinic Date Referee Clinic Location
OGC Keith Killian 6/21/2017 Old Farm
GW Tammy Deuster-Tamiz 6/13/2018 Westleigh
MW Raju Pillai 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RH James Mazzara 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MO Christine Davis 6/18/2018 Mohican
TF Leilani Wheeler 6/20/2017 Glenwood
MO Helen Barold 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
LF Brian Cropp 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
RC Elizabeth Mettler 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
CS Mike Gala 6/18/2018 Mohican
MP Derrick Hsu 6/20/2017 Glenwood
TA Sarah Graves 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MW Mary Carvajal 6/10/2018 Country Glen
CS Mark Zimsky 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
WL Bret Sellman 6/13/2018 Westleigh
MW Jeremy Smyth 6/18/2018 Mohican
OGC Garine Magary 6/21/2017 Old Farm
GW Donna Majarowitz 6/13/2018 Westleigh
MW Jason Pfaff 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RH Anne Elixhauser 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MO James Bresinger 6/18/2018 Mohican
SL Betsey Drucker 6/20/2017 Glenwood
CS Anya Rein 6/10/2018 Country Glen
RH Anne Elixhauser 6/10/2018 Country Glen
MO Josette Skilling 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
GW Stephanie White 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
RC Arthus McKee 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
BB Laura Seuschek 6/18/2018 Mohican
GW Victoria Wagman 6/20/2017 Glenwood
RF Paul Fezza 6/18/2018 Mohican
RE Shari Kressman 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MW Megan Campbell 6/10/2018 Country Glen
CS Laura Rose 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
OF Lesley O'Malley 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
SL Cheryl Winn 6/14/2018 Seven Locks
TA Rick Simpkins 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MW Sean Marino 6/18/2018 Mohican
OF Lizzy Menard 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MW Cathy O'Donnell 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RH Carrol Dexter 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
MO Josette Skilling 6/18/2018 Mohican
RH Bruce Bauer 6/10/2018 Country Glen
MO Ben Fazeli 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
BB Tim Yell 6/18/2018 Mohican
GW Tracy Wagner 6/20/2017 Glenwood
RE Vasilia Contos 6/18/2018 Mohican
RE Scott Glazer 6/21/2017 Old Farm
MW Vivian Byrd 6/10/2018 Country Glen
CS Eric O'Donoghue 6/11/2017 Manor Woods
RH Kelly George 6/13/2018 Westleigh
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